Sustainable Swaps: 5 Ways To Incorporate Reusable Cleansing Pads into Your Everyday Routine

Sustainable Swaps: 5 Ways To Incorporate Reusable Cleansing Pads into Your Everyday Routine

By now, I think we've all received the memo that makeup wipes are not only destroying our skin, but destroying our planet as well.  Every day, 1.3 billion wipes are thrown away across the globe. With each wipe taking more than 100 years to decompose, this is a serious problem.  Today, with so many amazing alternatives on the market, there really is no excuse for single use.

Reusable microfiber face cloths and cleansing pads are sustainable swaps for single use disposable wipes and cotton rounds. Just one reusable pad can replace thousands of wipes so you get all the convenience without the waste.

Microfiber is an amazing material that is more effective at cleansing the skin than traditional fibers.  Each fibre is a hundred times thinner than a human hair, allowing it to reach deep into the pores and clear away dirt and impurities.  It acts like a magnet, trapping makeup and oil and only requires water to activate.  They're eco-friendly and non-toxic and can slide seamlessly into your everyday routine.

Here's our top 5 ways to incorporate reusable cleansing pads into your skincare for a more sustainable routine:

1. Removing makeup: This is a total no-brainer! Once you try microfiber, you'll wonder how you ever removed your makeup before.  No tugging or pulling and just water takes everything off.  Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and multi-step routines and hello to simple, clean skin without the waste!

2. Taking off face masks: If you're still ruining your white face cloths, you need to make the switch! A reusable cleansing pad is an amazing way to remove your face masks.  Just rinse your pad with mild soap afterwards and they'll be clean and fresh to use again tomorrow.

3.  Putting on toner: A reusable cleansing pad is a great sustainable swap for disposable cotton rounds.  Add a splash of your favourite toner to a dry pad and apply directly to skin after cleansing.

4. Touching up makeup mistakes: The next time you have the unavoidable mascara blunder or eye liner faux pas, instead of reaching for a cotton bud, just use a damp cleansing pad to easily remove any excess makeup or fallout with just water. 

5. Putting ON your makeup: Did you know our cleansing pads can be used to apply makeup?  Use dry with your favourite foundation or tinted moisturizer as an applicator and a replacement for disposable sponges.