It's Not Just A Purpose, It's Personal.

It's Not Just A Purpose, It's Personal.


In 2019, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  In a matter of months, my life went from typical to completely tipped upside down.  I was 40 years old, mom to two young boys and seemingly healthy with no symptoms when I got the news.

That September, I spent two weeks recovering in hospital after I experienced complications from my radical hysterectomy surgery.  I was one of a small percentage that had post-operative nerve damage and woke up unable to move my left leg.  It was the worst time of my life.


During my time at rehab, it was difficult to get myself ready.  Washing my face was an ordeal, really not possible, and I needed assistance to shower.  

For years previously, I had been using a microfiber face cloth that I discovered in Europe to cleanse my skin.  I had always struggled with sensitive skin and the ability to use this cloth with just water was a savour for me. It wasn't until I was in hospital that I realized how incredible it really was.

With just water, I was able to give my face a proper wash, feel clean and refreshed, and it was something I was able to do from bed.  My husband would arrive at the hospital every morning, soak my microfiber face cloth in warm water and bring it to my bedside.  It was the best!

It sounds like a small, silly thing, but when you're ill, it's the the little things, like being able to wash your face or brush your hair, that make you feel "normal." 

It was in my hospital bed that I had my aha moment.  

I wanted to create beauty tools and accessories that could be used by every woman.  No matter their skin type, no matter where they were - home, travel, hospital.  I wanted to create products that would make a woman feel her best in any situation.

I took out a notebook and started to write.  Beauty with purpose.  

Purpose meaning products you'll actually use, products that work, and products that were multi-purpose.  Tools that would simplify your routine and elevate your self-care. 

Purpose also meaning products that give back.  I knew whatever this business would be, it would be tied to helping other woman feel their best.

Today, I am cancer-free and building the business I dreamed up in my hospital bed.  

Today, with your help, I am supporting women's cancer research by donating a percentage of proceeds of all Swoon sales to The Princess Margaret Foundation.  Your purchase is making a difference!

Tomorrow, I hope to be able to do even more.  Now that's something to swoon over. 

 xo, Suzanne