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Carry-All Jelly Cosmetic Bag

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Our stylish new silicone cosmetic bags will keep your essentials dry and protected at home or on-the-go. These durable, flexible bags are waterproof, spill-proof and stain-proof, wiping clean easily with just water. Perfect for makeup, toiletries or to protect personal items. Ideal for travel, gym, beach & poolside. 

Dimensions: 24cm x 17cm x 3cm

More information

1. About our silicone

Silicone is an organic-based polymer, which is non-toxic and unlike plastic, is very durable, hygienic, easy to clean and odourless. We use a high-quality, food-grade silicone in all our bags that is soft and silky yet incredibly durable, spill-proof and scratch resistent.

2. Care instructions

To clean your jelly bag, just wipe with a clean cloth and water. For stubborn stains, add dish soap. You can put your Jelly Bag right under the tap to clean and towel or air dry.