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Heavenly Hair Towel 2-Pack

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Can't choose between pink floral and polka dot? Now you don't have to!

Enjoy our Heavenly Hair Towel in a new 2-pack! You'll receive one pink floral and one polka dot reversible hair towel featuring our high quality satin on one side to protect dry hair from moisture and damage, and our ultra-absorbent microfiber on the other side for quick drying of wet hair without damage or frizz.

Gift one to a friend or keep them both for yourself!  Each comes with a mesh laundry bag to keep your towel looking it's best, wash after wash.

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1. Benefits

  • Reduces hair drying time significantly
  • Prevents breakage, damage and frizz
  • Preserves your blowout and style
  • Great for keeping moisture away from hair in the bath or shower
  • Ideal for makeup/skincare application
  • Lightweight and hands-free
  • Can sleep in satin side to preserve hair at night
  • The perfect companion for home, gym or vacation

2. How to use

Wrap wet hair in microfibre side after bath or shower and use satin side on dry hair to protect and preserve day or night.

3. Care instructions

Wash on gentle cycle with waffle side facing out.  Tumble dry on low heat or hang dry.  Do not bleach or iron.

"I will never use a bath towel on my head again! Love Swoon's reversible hair towel for my curly hair."

Janine Falcon, Beauty Editor, Influencer, BeautyGeeks

"I bring my hair towel with me to the gym, on vacation, everywhere! I love that I can use it to dry my hair quickly on the go (while looking chic!)"

Tricia, Customer, Toronto