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Wet/Dry Scrunchie Set

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Our scrunchie set is designed to hold and protect your hair, wet or dry.

Each set comes with two scrunchies:

An ultra soft, super-absorbent microfibre towel scrunchie to keep hair tied back while it's wet and cut down on drying time without damage or frizz. Perfect for after the shower, during a workout or post beach or pool.

A silky smooth satin scrunchie to hold dry hair without creasing. The perfect amount of tension to complete your look without pulling or tugging on your strands.


  • Microfiber towel scrunchie is highly absorbent & cuts down drying time
  • Absorbs moisture without causing dryness or frizz
  • Satin scrunchie protects hair and eliminates friction
  • Glides smoothly out of your hair without tugging
  • Will not crease your hair or cause indentations
  • Elevates any hairstyle!

*Available in Blush, Nude & Dark. Set includes one satin scrunchie & one towel scrunchie. 

"These makeup sponges have changed my life! They're so cute on my vanity, and they remove absolutely everything (even stubborn eyeliner) in one fell swoop."

Jenn Chan, Style & Beauty Expert, Writer, People Magazine

"I will never use a bath towel on my head again! Love Swoon's reversible hair towel for my curly hair."

Janine Falcon, Beauty Editor, Influencer, BeautyGeeks

"Love my satin headband! I wore it every day on holiday this summer. Was so happy to have something beautiful to hold my hair back."

Melanie, Customer, Toronto

"My absolute fav! These hearts are a staple in my daily skincare routine. I love how gentle they are on my sensitive skin."

Jasmine, Customer, Toronto

"I bring my hair towel with me to the gym, on vacation, everywhere! I love that I can use it to dry my hair quickly on the go (while looking chic!)"

Tricia, Customer, Toronto

"Skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be effective, and these hearts are a great addition to anyone's routine. You can have fresh, clean skin without harming the environment."

Jennifer Aldrich, Editor, Better Homes & Gardens